This ones for rude ass customers and my managers. Don’t tell me shit about a job you have 0% experience in.

You’re never in the weeds if you don’t give a shit

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Seriously our management team is the worst I’ve ever encountered. 

These people are a fucking joke. 


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I’ve sold my soul for money

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I’m not a bank

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Pro tip - Don’t walk out with both copies of the fucking receipt. That’s basically the same as me getting stiffed. 

~*~*~tHe MoRe YoU kNoW~*~*~

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It takes about 3.4 seconds for me to go from “this is the best day ever” to “I want to stab every human being on planet Earth

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These people need to calm the fuck down

I literally cannot STAND it when people walk up to the bar, catch my eye contact, then wave at me or wave me over. 

I fucking see you. Do you think I’m just going to ignore you? Can I finish whatever the fuck I’m doing? 

And another thing, when I’m talking to another customer or I have my back turned at the computer, don’t fucking talk to me or give me an order. 

I got my ass handed to me last night - and in the midst of it, this dude keeps interrupting my flow to ask for a taste of this, or a pint of that, or to order food… and its like - I fucking get it. You want to order shit. But how are you really gonna crawl up my ass when you’re sitting there with a drink already and I’m doing 80 things at once? Seriously mother fucker? Newsflash - theres one of me and 50 of y’all. I guess you missed that grade school lesson EVERYONE HAS TO WAIT THEIR TURN. JACKASS. 

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