The things I wish I could say to customers who claim they’ll never come back.

What’s the worst thing you did to a rude customer?


Don’t play innocent. If you haven’t done something, You’ve at least thought about it.

I personally will smash my thumbs in to non citrus fruits while bagging.
"Accidentally" drop your soda you want left out, to shake it up.

Didn’t put their discount/coupon through. They missed out on like $3.

Under pour your shot of liquor. Use questionable ice. Kill your first born. The usual stuff.

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Anonymous asked: Dude shut the fuck up and get a different job if you hate customers so god damn much. Jesus Christ you are lame as fuck.


I don’t hate customers, I hate the shitty ones. Why would you come to a blog about shitty customers and expect to see marriage proposals to the old ladies who call me a “fucking retard”?


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yoursassywaitress asked: How are things, friend?


Got sent home from work 6 hours early sunday and still clocked out with like 47 hours. Had a day off today and a Co-worker called to ask if i got fired.

So pretty normal. 

hahaha shit. well… hopefully thats not too serious.

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This is for the pompous old bitch at hightop 3

To those of you who like to order a “Cuba Libre”… 

Its a fucking rum and coke. So how about ordering it as a fucking rum and coke. I work at a smokehouse, not the Ritz. You don’t sound cool, you sound like a fucking idiot. Thank you. 

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I hate indescisive people.

Heres the thing - odds are, you probably know what you like and dislike more that I do. Why is that, kids? Oh yeah - I’m a complete fucking stranger! 


So when I ask you what you want to drink, or what you want to eat, don’t fucking say “Golly gee… I don’t know… Surprise me!” 

Because I just might surprise you with a punch in the mouth. 

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currently living this
me after a double.